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stuff and things.

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Inaction In Action
I was at the grocery store
the other day.
The family behind me in line
was speaking Klingon.
I didn't understand
but somehow I was sure
they were talking about

This morning I realized
it was your birthday
but I didn't give
a shit.
I tried to give a shit
but you're an asshole
and an asshole is an asshole
is an asshole.

They said to be prepared
but they never said for what...
I guess they didn't
And so I fell asleep
holding my guitar
like a shotgun.

They always tell me that my heart
is in the right place.
Well I sure hope so,
cuz where else would it be?
I like it where it's at,
all filled with feelings,
in my thoracic cavity.

I called up Kurt Cobain,
it was a Wednesday,
and he came over for
Not pennyroyal tea,
that would be irony.
Or would it really?


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